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Are you a cancer survivor? 


What is the StepUP CHALLENGE?


StepUP is a series of 7 Challenges giving you the "exact steps" you need to take day after day, month after month, empowering you to overcome your fears after surviving cancer, and create a life filled with hope and abundance.

We provide you with 7 Challenges that take you though an amazing journey focusing on "micro-changes" that develop new habits in your life, build momentum and see REAL RESULTS, in all areas of your life.

Climbing Teams

One MAJOR benefit of joining StepUP is connecting with like-minded individual "Climbing Teams" who have been exactly where you are and will help and encourage you to achieve your new goals.

The StepUP CHALLENGE gives you the tools and

support you need.

You are a cancer survivor. "Get on with your life" is no real advice. 

StepUP gives you the tools and support needed to overcome your fears, chart a whole new course, and step-by-step me and my team will help you reach amazing new heights in your life. 


Anything you want will be within your reach. 

Are you ready to start CHALLENGING yourself? Ready to leave fear behind and build an entirely new future for yourself?
Then let's get started. 

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Summit Member - $1995

1:1 coaching, your very own personalized CHALLENGE system, 3 check-ins annually.

Hey! My name is Sean Swarner and I am living proof that being diagnosed with cancer, is NEVER the end, rather - just the beginning.

After being diagnosed - TWICE - with terminal cancers, and surviving that nightmare, I made the decision that my illnesses would never define me, and that the world was my playground. But I would never have taken the steps to do that without the support of amazing family, friends and a community of people that helped me thrive AFTER CANCER.

This is why I want to pay it forward. I want to help you take the steps necessary to create a live worth living, take the steps to doing more than you ever thought possible, yes StepUP, and become a person that helps others take the steps to live their best life ever.

I'm Sean Swarner, your guide.

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